Our vision

Ynnen Software Service, a leading global service company, provides wide range of software services for clients across the globe. Ynnen brings together the world's best technologies to address critical client business imperatives. Ynnen began its operation from Trivandrum, India in the year 2013. We have a full fledged open source development here, India during the year 2006. Combining proven expertise in technology, and an understanding of emerging business domains, Ynnen delivers a range of services that includes School Managemnt Systems, Android Apps ERp Softwares, Accounting Softwares Billing Softwares, Mobile Apps. At Ynnen, we realize that your business must keep pace with the speed of thought. We believe that your ideas and enterprises deserve substantial reinvention, so we address the changing needs of your business with solutions that are cost-effective, fast to deploy, highly scalable and reliable. Ynnen is dedicated to providing world-class technical expertise and business solutions to enable our clients to meet their business objectives faster and more cost effectively. Traditional outsourcing concentrates on non-core tasks being shipped out, whereas Ynnen outsourced development is targeted at the core tasks, the more critical part of your organization. We are specifically tailored to surrogate product development. Our outsourcing is built on the idea of having a skilled knowledge force at a remote location, for a fraction of the original costs.

Why us?

  • Competitive cost
  • High quality and attention to details
  • Solid professional experience
  • Dedicated & highly-skilled IT professionals
  • Reliability based on an approach to build a long-term relationship
  • Free review & sample

How we Works

Intelligently build credible forecasts and plan the capacity of your resources for weeks, months and years in advance.
Automatically create daily schedules with best possible scenarios and optimize repeatedly as the day unfolds.
Seamlessly connect field service workers, managers and back-end systems no matter where they are located.